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Methylation Monday Episode #9 | Dr Eric Balcavage discusses “Drug Induced Anxiety” (D.I.A). Many doctors will put patients on SSRI for depression and while these SSRI may alleviate depressive symptoms in the short term they may wind up causing anxiety and anxiety like symptoms (insomnia, gut issues, etc.)

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Dr. Eric Balcavage

Dr. Eric Balcavage

The Methylation Doctor™

Welcome to The Methylation Doctor™

This site was developed to give practitioners and patients a resource to better understand Gene SNPs like MTHFR, nutrigenomics, and methylation. Many of my patients were coming to me after testing for MTHFR defects and did not have a clear, simple understanding of what having an MTHFR SNP meant or what to do about it. Some patients had 23andme or other genetic panels run, but found themselves completely overwhelmed by what it meant and what to do next. I understood their frustration and confusion and wanted to offer a solution.  As I began my study into Nutrigenomics, gene defects and methylation, I too found a lack of clarity and simplicity. I had nowhere to send my patients to get simple answers for very complex processes. So, I decided to solve this dilemma. I took the time to take what I learned and understood, simplify it, and then created this site so that my patients and others could have a trusted resource.  I’m your translator for the methylation process! My goal with this site is to make a very complex process simple.  Dr. Eric Balcavage The Methylation Doctor™

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