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Trying to understand genomics and methylation, and than tie it all together with patient history, symptoms and test results can be confusing, frustrating, and time consuming for the experienced doctor and even worse for someone relatively new to the complex world of functional and integrative medicine.

  • Do you really understand what the test results really mean in context with your patient’s signs and symptoms?
  • Are you confused as to where to start with your patient to get the best results in the shortest period of time?
  • Have you already supported your patient the best way you know how but they are still struggling?
  • Do you understand how your patient’s Organic Acid, Amino Acid, Hormone and Metabolic Panels relate to their methylation and genomics?
  • Have ordered Methylation and Genomic panels and need help interpreting them?
  • Would you like another set of eyes to review your case?

I know when I started into this path of functional medicine I did a lot of classes and education, but when it came down to interpreting the patient history and test results I had a very linear way of thinking. After years of research, study, teaching and patient care I’ve become a three dimensional thinker when it comes to looking at patients test results and correlate them with patient problems and history.

If you are a new doctor or experienced doctor and need help interpreting test results you can schedule a Metabolic Case Review with Dr. Balcavage by phone or skype.

Appointments are scheduled in 20 minute blocks with a $195 fee per 20 minute block.

To schedule a case review with Dr. Balcavage call 610-558-8920 or fill out the contact form below.

My staff will provide you with detailed instructions on submitting case documentation to be reviewed.

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