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Restoring Your Chronic Health Challenges By Improving Your Methylation

You’re on a quest! You are struggling with chronic health problems. You’ve been on conventional medicine-merry-go-round, and that very well may have made you feel worse. You’ve tried alternative and functional medicine approaches and still no improvement.

If you weren’t such a fighter, if you didn’t have that gnawing feeling that the answers for your chronic health problems were still out there, that there is a solution, you might have given up.

And then you stumbled upon this site. Could this be your answer? Could methylation problems be at the root of your health challenges?


Methylation is one of the most critical processes that occurs in the body. Methylation is important for about 200 reactions that occur in the body.

At the core of what methylation allows us to do is the generation and repair of tissues. If you are chronically ill, you have damaged and poorly functioning cells and tissues. You must be able to repair or replace them.

Every cell in your body has a life cycle, a start and an end, a point where the cell needs to be replaced with a newer version of itself. Without healthy methylation, that cell may not be replaced, or if it is, it’s replaced by a cell that is of poor quality and function. If you were going to replace your ten year old Honda Odyssey, would you want to replace it with an 1981 Green Gremlin that leaked fuel, burned oil, and had rusted out floor boards?

I didn’t think so. But, if you have unhealthy methylation the 1981 Green Gremlin may be the best you get. Your body’s ability to generate quality cells can be severely compromised.

Methylation is critical for so many fundamental actions to occur in your body including energy production. With faulty methylation, your body’s ability to make energy effectively is compromised. It’s like trying to run your homes power needs with a tiny ten year old generator. When it starts (if it starts), it only has the muster to power one or two things. Plug in too much and it shuts down. Without healthy methylation, your energy production can be severely hampered. You have enough energy to do a few things but then you drop into the “fog”. Your brain and body go into this lethargy that has you feeling like you are running through water. Every step and thought can become a burden.

What’s even worse– because of faulty methylation you can’t sleep! You are tired and exhausted but can’t sleep. Why? How can somebody so tired not sleep?

Your body is increasing your “fight or flight” hormones to help you make it through the day. The problem becomes breaking down and clearing those hormones. The process of clearing those hormones requires methylation. So if your methylation is compromised and your ability to break down and clear those hormones is slowed, you may be anxious and exhausted at the same time, so no restorative sleep for you.

Recovering from chronic health problems often requires more than diet changes, giving up gluten, and taking a few vitamins or the latest super shake your friend down the street is pushing to get to the top of her pyramid.

If you’re on this site and reading this page, you’ve already been down that dead end road. It’s time to evaluate your methylation pathways. The challenge is most doctors, conventional or alternative, don’t understand it. Methylation is complicated. There is no cookbook approach.

Each person’s methylation challenges are unique. Fixing your methylation problems requires someone with an understanding of the science and research. They should also have the clinical experience of helping people with methylation problems get their health and quality of life back.

I have created this site for just that purpose. I have been waiting for you. Let’s get your recovery started.

Learn more about restoring your health through methylation
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