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One of the unique aspects of the AFNI Educational Program is that we are creating well-rounded doctors in all three components of health.

Structure, Neurology & Metabolism

AFNI is also providing education about developing the right head space and practice management with Rob Kuhn’s program.

These programs have been and will continue to be the foundation on which AFNI stands.

What so many of us learn as we attract chronically ill patients to our offices is that the basic concepts we use to support our patients metabolically work well 80% of the time. But there are those 20% that struggle even when you try to support the foundational metabolic principles (Auto Immune Diet, Gut, Liver, Blood Sugar and Anemia).

The 20% are the ones that have failed in other functional metabolic practices and now they are in your office. What will you do different?

That’s where the Methylation Series takes over. I fully realized that the longer I was in practice, the sicker the patients I attracted. The 20% was becoming 30-40% of my patients. My basic functional medicine training was not providing what these patients needed.

I had to look outside the traditional functional medicine training “box”.

Doing more research, I found the developing science of genetics, epigenetics, neutragenomics and methylation. That’s when the lights came on, I’d found the missing piece.

I started reading, studying and putting the concepts together. I realized that so many of those talking about methylation didn’t explain it in an understandable manner that doctors could translate into patient care and get people well.

So, I set out to create an educational program for doctors that will help them heal that 20% and help them optimize their patient’s health. Let’s tackle those difficult cases using methylation and bring more joy and vitality to people’s lives.

Dr. Balcavage and I were both speakers at a convention recently. When I saw his presentation on methylation I was absolutely stunned by his complete and total command of this knowledge. It was apparent to me from the first moments that I needed to attend his seminar so that I can learn from someone who has truly mastered this field of healthcare. Dr. Balcavage not only explained how the methylation pathways work, but gave clear, concise information on how to utilize these principles in a clinical setting. In addition, he used case studies of his own patients to fully demonstrate how necessary and effective this treatment is. I would highly recommend any doctor that is serious about getting patients well to attend this seminar! Dr. Robert Kuhn D.C., BCIM

Author of Return to Health Clinic , Director of Chronic Conditions Center

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