Why Learn Methylation?

Methylation is such a vital aspect of optimal health and function. Methylation is responsible for 200+ reactions in the body.

Simply put, when methylation is compromised so is a person’s health. I would even say the level to which their methylation is compromised determines the level of health or lack there of it. Without methylation, we die.

Your patients all have methylation problems. The good news is you are supporting improved methylation by supporting the basic foundational principles in functional medicine.

But, for the growing percentage of people you see who are not getting better; they have more significant methylation problems that require you to have a deeper understanding of methylation if you are going to help them.

Functional medicine is the next big thing. Everyone is getting into it. But, very few doctors are willing to go to the next level and understand the complexity of methylation. But for those that are, they will become the best of the best.

Are you that Doctor?

Methylation Madness Weekend!

Learn why methylation matters to you and your patients.




I was in attendance when Dr. Balcalvage spoke at the 2014 Functional Neurology Reinvention Convention in Orlando. I must say I was very impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the methylation pathways and his ability to communicate such complex material in a way we could understand it. Dr. Andy Barlow, D.C., DACNB, FACFN

Meet Dr. Balcavage

My curriculum vitae can tell you what I have accomplished but not who I am and why I do what I do. My purpose, my mission is to transform lives; mine and those I serve.
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